GISSA International has many years of experience working with clients at every stage of the project life cycle - from a new idea through development, delivery, testing, commissioning to rollout.

We work closely with our clients to deliver benefits, specific to their needs. We provide solutions that are realistic, achievable and deliver lasting benefits to our clients.


Effective and efficient access to information is vital to every successful business.
GISSA develops information management strategies to empower our clients. In order to provide realistic, achievable and lasting benefits, we take a multi-dimensional approach to strategy development take into account business processes, appropriate technological solutions and importantly people.
GISSA develops strategies that remove organisational and technical barriers to information. This allows our clients to be confident in their decision making as they are confident that they are accessing the best available information.
At GISSA, we have a deep knowledge of spatial technologies and, as we have no affiliation with any spatial industry vendors, we provide truly independent advice.
Our consultants have experience in a wide range of strategy development including:

  • Corporate spatial strategies
  • Business cases development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Identification and validation of application requirements
  • Identifying appropriate technology to best suit our clients.

GISSA can also provide Project Management services to assist our clients realise the benefits of effective and efficient access to information.


GISSA is committed to helping our clients reach their potential. We welcome interactions with the A-SPEC Community and recognise that improvements are best implemented in a collective approach.